Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The District has more than 24 landing sites in different Sub Counties some which include; Kalungi, Lwampanga, Lwabiyata, Nabiswera.
At These landing sites, different fishing gears are used which include; Gill nets, long line, seine nets, cast nets, mono filaments and fish traps. Fish is sold in different forms like some sell it when it is sun dried, fresh and others sell it when it is smoked. Smoking of fish is being practiced by Sub Counties of Kalungi, Lwampanga, Lwabiyata, Nabiswera (mostly Nabiswera and Lwabiyata), salt sun drying is done by Lwampanga and Lwabiyata but all the Sub Counties sell fish fresh.

There are more than 21 Beach Management Units (BMU) in the District. The BMUs as community institutions are charged with ensuring compliance with Fisheries Management Regulations at their respective BMU locations.

Fishing handling has improved, especially at Kibuye landing site with the construction of a modern fish handling facility with running water. The community is however finding challenges in managing the facility, therefore closer supervision and monitoring has to be done to ensure better management.

The lake resource has also a problem of the foreign weed which is threatening its productivity. The ministry is exploring biological means to control the weed.